TikTok star Zachary Willmore is thriving throughout his HIV journey and homophobes can’t stand it

TikToker Zachary Willmore in and out of makeup.
Screenshots via @zachwillmore on TikTok

TikTok star and former historic prom queen Zachary Willmore documents his journey with his recent HIV diagnosis, but haters and homophobes just can’t handle that it doesn’t dampen his adorable glow.

Zachary’s videos are typically funny, rosy, high-energy comedies and vlogs from a creator who clearly went to the iconic Chrissy Chlapecka school of TikTok Bimbology™. Towards the end of February, he uploaded a much more serious than usual video in which he detailed the HIV diagnosis he had received a week earlier.

Since then, he’s been providing daily updates on how those around him have helped him cope, the medical journey he’s been on since his diagnosis, and his coming to terms with living with HIV for the rest of his life. his life. He meets most of those moments with his trademark flair and joy, trying not to let a diagnosis change who he is.

For TERF-y Twitter user @Slatzism and the like, this was the most sinful content imaginable:

After his name started trending on Twitter because of this hateful post, Zachary responded in his traditional cute style.

As he says, there is good news and bad news:

“The good news is that people are going to see this post, come to my page and give me views and likes,” he notes. “The bad news is these bitches don’t like me.”

In the days that followed, the good overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly outweighed the evil.

Instead of poking fun at her bubbly style on this serious subject, most celebrate her enduring happiness as proof of the extent of the community’s battle against HIV.

And tell user @Slatzism to fuck off, of course:

While not in the exact tone some would like, Zachary’s ability to be optimistic about his positive diagnosis is a result of the tireless work of advocates and the loss of so many great people in our community.

In what should be his last daily update on the journey of HIV, the creator shared that he was already close to undetectable and promised weekly updates to everyone this series of videos helped.

While preparing for a brotherly rave:

Shine, Zachary!

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