Teacher fired for being OnlyFans Creator earned annual salary in 6 months

Sarah Juree made $17,000 on OnlyFans a month after being fired as a teacher.
Sarah Juror

  • Sarah Juree was fired from her teaching job after her employer found out she was an OnlyFans model.
  • A month later, she was making $17,000 and earning her entire annual teaching salary in just six months.
  • Juree plays on being a teacher in her personal brand image to increase her income.

This article is based on a transcribed conversation with a 41-year-old OnlyFans creator who uses the stage name Sarah Juree. Insider verified his earnings and termination with documents. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

I loved my teaching career. Schools would take their fifth-grade students on field trips to my class in Indiana that was part of a government-funded youth program. My job was to talk to them about the different types of STEM careers they might consider pursuing in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Despite working a full-time job, I juggled five hustles to try to keep myself financially afloat as a single mom., including teaching group exercise classes, Keto nutrition coaching, tutoring kids, a teeth whitening business, and designing shirts and mugs.

I taught all day, then worked on one of my odd jobs until I went to bed. I constantly felt stretched and overwhelmed from trying so hard that I often cried in the tub at night. My kids started calling me “sad mom”.

I became more and more depressed due to financial stress. Then inflation skyrocketed – gas prices skyrocketed, my grocery bills doubled, and I became even more desperate financially.

A friend created an OnlyFans page in April 2022 and told me she made $10,000 in a month. I decided to give it a try and started a page just to sell nudes on the side to supplement my teaching income.

Last June, I tried during summer vacation. Within days, my photos were copied and sent to my employer. I received a letter of dismissal, and my 20-year teaching career – and my main source of income – quickly came to an end.

I believe getting fired was a catalyst for a new direction in life

Since then, I have earned my entire annual teaching salary in just six months. As a teacher, I used to make $55,000 a year, but in the past six months I’ve made over $58,000 from OnlyFans.

The maximum I earned in a month is $17,000, which happened right after I was fired. Since being laid off, I have earned a total of $75,000.

However, my income fluctuates and I have months ranging from $3,000 to $10,000. I still had to work very hard to do the same because it involves a lot of marketing. I promote my OnlyFans page on social media sites like Facebook.

When I receive friend requests from men, I accept them and send a link to my OnlyFans account via Messenger.

She has earned $75,000 since joining OnlyFans as a creator.
Sarah Juror

In order to increase my income, I found a niche by leaning into the teacher fantasy that many of my fans seem to have. I do this by offering exclusive newsletters where I rate their manhood and give away “Miss Sarah” stickers to loyal fans. I mainly sell nude photos and explicit videos behind a paywall as well as video chats. I also sell my panties.

After taking my kids to school, I spend most of my day responding to fan messages, filming and editing content, and posting to the platform about four times a day. Fans pay $9.99 per month to view my content. I do everything and do all the administrative work myself to keep costs to a minimum, including responding to fan messages.

Being an OnlyFans model was largely a positive experience, but I was dragged down by many internet trolls who tried to humiliate and shame me after I was fired. Some people would say I had cellulite or stretch marks, but I worked hard to gain the confidence to not let them affect me.

Getting fired was heartbreaking at first, but now I’m on the path to financial abundance.

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