Inside the Bacardi heiress’ daughter’s lavish $4 million Disney World wedding

  • Erica Vazquez-Bacardi married Joey Depriest-Capparelli, 32, on Saturday
  • His mother Hilda is the great-great-granddaughter of Bacardi founder Don Facundo.
  • The wedding venue was transformed into a ‘whimsical’ forest and had 300 guests

The daughter of rum heiress Hilda Maria Bacardi tied the knot in a lavish, three-day, $4 million wedding held at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Erica Vazquez-Bacardi, 29, married her 32-year-old boyfriend, professional softball player Joey Depriest-Capparelli, at Walt Disney World’s Four Seasons Resort on Saturday, People reported.

Hilda is the great-great-granddaughter of Bacardi founder, Don Facundo Bacardi Masso.

Renowned wedding planner David Tutera and his team transformed the resort’s Palm Ballroom into a “whimsical, magical and beautiful forest” for the 300-guest celebration.

Erica Vazquez-Bacardi, 29, married her 32-year-old boyfriend, professional softball player Joey Depriest-Capparelli, at Walt Disney World’s Four Seasons Resort on Saturday
Flowers hang from the ceiling above the dance floor in the Palm Ballroom at the Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World
The couple take to the dance floor as guests watch

The sleek design featured woodland mosses with trees ranging from six to 150 feet tall – including oak, maple, silver fir and olive.

French tulips, garden roses and hybrid delphiniums were also used to decorate the ballroom, with wisteria-adorned stained glass windows serving as the backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

Erica walked down the aisle in a Galia Lahav dress, which has a general price range of between $6,000 and $16,000, down a bespoke winding path.

David also escorted the mother of the bride, Hilda, down the aisle and officiated.

Grammy-winning violinist Miri Ben Ari, Grammy- and Tony-nominated Shoshana and DJ Valentina wowed wedding guests.

After the ceremony, guests were treated to drinks and hors d’oeuvres – like mini brie with fig jam and marcona almonds; small marbled potatoes with sour cream, chives and black caviar; and Beef Wellington with Red Onion Marmalade.

On the reception side, waiters served pepper-crusted beef tenderloin, fish and poultry as well as a variety of side dishes and breads for dinner.

Guests finished their meal with mini desserts, macaroons and flower cupcakes.

Table decorations for the lavish wedding planned by David Tutera and his team
Another angle showing the stunning tables at the reception
Performers at the celebrations included performers painted green on stilts covered in vines
The couple are pictured when they got engaged in 2021
Guests packed the dance floor before dinner during the three-day celebrations in Orlando
Chairs covered in purple velvet were made available to participants
The room was decorated with tall trees and flowers, giving the feeling of being in the forest
The flower-adorned doors of the entrance to the ballroom that greeted guests
A piano appeared to be set up on a stage surrounded by more greenery and shrouded in smoke

The wedding cake – which featured layers of vanilla and chocolate with Bacardi 8 custard and D’usse and caramel sauces – was created by pastry chef Rabii Saber.

During the celebrations, cocktails made with liqueurs from the Bacardi stable appeared on the bar menu, including a Gray Goose lavender martini and a spicy Patron Reposado margarita.

A guest at the stunning nuptials was popular YouTuber Zane Hijazi who shared clips from the wedding.

An amazed Zane described the event as “like Coachella” before turning on the camera on the dance floor, which was reportedly designed to make the attendees look like they were dancing on water.

Guests were seen tearing it up as they were surrounded by performers wearing outfits that mimic disco balls.

He also shared photos of the happy couple, the bride tossing her bouquet and other entertainment including green performers covered in vines and walking on stilts.

Behind-the-scenes footage shows the scale of the event, with purple velvet-covered chairs set out for guests at the ceremony, and a closer look at the process involved.

David, 56, previously revealed to that Orlando’s wedding was the most expensive he had ever planned, coming in at nearly $4million.

Erica and her new husband, Joey, see the ballroom for the first time before their guests arrive
Erica walked down the aisle in a Galia Lahav dress, which has a general price range of between $6,000 and $16,000
David, 56, previously revealed to that Erica and Joey’s wedding was his most expensive ever, coming in at nearly $4million
David’s team is working on setting up the amazing pre-wedding dance floor
The couple stand in front of their guests and say “Yes”. David officiated the ceremony

He said the Orlando extravaganza was one of the “most intense” events he had ever planned.

“The client basically gave me carte blanche to create something that had never been done before, which I still do anyway,” David said.

“And I turn this beautiful place into a legitimate forest. We had three tractor-trailers (which left) three days ago from Los Angeles with hundreds of trees that will go into two ballrooms (for the) ceremony and celebration.

“We have amazing artists…one is a Grammy award winning artist performing, a second is a Grammy and Tony award winner, and we have this venue which is just beautiful.

“It’s like I had a dream and woke up, because my client said, ‘Where did you get that?’ I said, ‘I don’t really know, quite frankly. “

In 2016, Bacardi, the world’s largest privately held spirits company, reportedly had sales of around $4.6 billion.

The company has been in the family for seven generations after its creation in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardí Massó in Santiago de Cuba.

It owns brands such as D’usse, Bombay, Cazadores and Gray Goose.

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