Florence Pugh 🔥 shows off her epic booty in a sheer skirt and thong

florence pugh legs abs thong butt see through skirt pics

Florence Pugh shows off her butt in skirt and thong photosJacopo Raule – Getty Images

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  • Florence Pugh rocked a sheer skirt and thong in new photos from Paris Fashion Week, showing off her legs, butt and a glimpse of her abs.

  • The actress is all about body positivity and has had a number of sheer holding moments lately.

  • Flo has done all kinds of workouts, from CrossFit to yoga.

Florence Pugh has had a serious fashion moment over the past few months, so it’s no shock to see her head to Paris Fashion Week. This weekend, Flo attended the Maison Valentino show in the coolest laid-back glam look that showed off more than just her impeccable fashion sense.

vogue shared a video on Instagram of the 27-year-old’s look, which featured a sweatshirt-inspired crop top layered over a long sheer beaded skirt with a gray thong underneath. The look is sporty and chic, and shows off Flo’s cut abs, strong legs, and toned booty from every angle.

Here is another look from the photographers of the event:

valentino outside paris fashion week arrivals womenswear fall winter 2023 2024

Florence Pugh at Paris Fashion Week.Jacopo Raule – Getty Images

In case you haven’t noticed, Florence has been the queen of peekaboo fashion lately, with this semi-sheer dress:

This cut number:

And this transparent Valentino cup:

Flo recently opened in vogue about all the attention to her see-through looks (and nipple-freeing moments) lately, and she had some thoughts. “I’ve never been afraid of what’s under the fabric,” she said. “If I’m happy in it, then I’ll wear it. Of course, I don’t mean to offend people, but I think my point is, how can my nipples offend you so much?”

Speaking of body positivity, Florence doubled down on previous comments she made about changing her looks for a role. Specifically, she said she would never lose weight to “look fantastic” in a role.

Florence didn’t provide a ton of details about her workout routine, but she did share little snippets here and there, and she made it clear that she wants to be active above all else. During the height of the pandemic, she encouraged people on Instagram to dance. “Wake up tomorrow and do a dance, do a little shimmy. Just dance. Flush all this horrible, weird anxiety out of your system,” she said, alongside the caption, “go shake your limbs and BUM,” per Glamor United Kingdom.

Florence has done a slew of different workouts, and she’s no stranger to sweating it out at home. She shared a photo on Instagram in 2021 of her yoga mat lying on the grass next to a kettlebell, her dog and a chicken, joking that she had been “ambushed” during his training.

Florence also did CrossFit for six weeks while preparing for her role as WWE Diva Paige, in fight with my family. “For me, the most interesting thing in the beginning was learning what’s a good stance and what’s a bad stance,” she told the CrossFit blog. “Obviously that’s what wrestling is all about. You have to move the right way in order to protect yourself and the person you’re wrestling with. She also shared that training was “difficult” but that CrossFit made her feel “solid and safe”.

Florence appeared on Harper’s Bazaar‘s “Food Diaries,” and shared that she really loves breakfast. If she’s working, that might mean having two boiled eggs and a black coffee. But on days off, her meal is more likely to involve sourdough bread with two fried eggs and warmed cherry tomatoes.

Lunch can be a salad or protein, banana and spinach smoothie, and for dinner she likes to have roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables. Yum…

Go ahead, Flo!

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