‘Creed III’ Eyes Franchise Records Debut $38M-$40M – Deadline

The winter box office continues to have some momentum as MGM’s Creed III, Michael B. Jordan’s feature debut, eyes a potential franchise opening for the Rocky spin-off about Apollo Creed’s son with a $38M to $40M bow in 4,007 rooms.

Previous Creed footage aired during the Thanksgiving frame in 2015 and 2018, opening to $29 million ($42.1 million 5-day) and $35.5 million ($56 million 5-day), respectively, on A CinemaScores. Already, Creed III is certified 90% fresh with Rotten Tomatoes reviews, which is greater than Creed IIis 83% fresh and slightly less than Creedit’s 95%. There are specials at 7 p.m. tonight with previews on Thursdays starting at 7 p.m. Creed III has all premium ticket formats i.e. Imax, PLFs and 4DX.

In Part 3, Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors in his second big marquee movie now), an old ex-con and Golden Gloves boxer friend of Adonis Creed, comes back into his life. After Adonis (Jordan) trains Damian, he ends up becoming a bigger enemy than he bargained for.

The trio fetched $75 million before P&A and is following closely with audiences and black guys, and especially younger audiences. Creed II attracted 66% under 35 and a diverse range of 38% Caucasian, 29% African American, 22% Hispanic/Latino, and 6% Asian. The second film of 2018 attracted 34% males over 25, 30% females over 25, 23% males under 25, and 14% females under 25.

Despite Creed IIIfrom n°1, two other titles decided to date in addition: Crunchyroll’s Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: In the Blacksmith Villagethat the distributor bills as a theatrical experience of episodes of two television seasons in 4K, and should do so in the $7.5M to $10M lineup and the Guy Ritchie action movie from Lionsgate/Miramax Operation Fortune: Cunning of War which should do in the mid single digits.

THE demon slayer the theatrical experience begins Friday without a preview.

‘Operation Fortune: Ruse of War’


Meanwhile, why did Lionsgate come out Operation Fortune: Cunning of War only two weeks ago? The Jason Statham-Hugh Grant-Aubrey Plaza-Josh Hartnett-Cary Elwes action movie has already been released in several offshore markets with a gross of $41.4 million overseas. Simply put, the $50 million production got stuck in limbo from STX’s financial restructuring and was locked in the bank. The film was just released by bank lien holders and Lionsgate quickly secured the theatrical release to make it good, albeit at the last minute. Operation Fortune had to go now, especially on a weekend when Creed III attracts all the guys because it has already been released abroad. The film was booked in 2,150 theaters and only got a US release (the pic aired in Canada). Rotten Tomatoes reviewers gave it a 65% fee from 23 reviews (Ritchie’s man’s anger was 67% fresh and its pre-pandemic 2020 Gentlemen was certified 75% fresh.

This weekend’s retainers should find Disney/Marvel Studio’s third weekend Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania -40% with $19M. Pic currently stands at $170.5 million in the United States. Elizabeth Banks’ Universal’s Second Weekend cocaine bear expected to drop -55% for approximately $10M. The cumulative total of the film is just below $25 million. lionsgate jesus revolution with a cumulative $17.1 million should see another $8 million this weekend, -50%.

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