Christina Hendricks, 47, looks like a walking fire emoji in her latest Instagram photos

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  • Christina Hendricks took to Instagram to share some photos from a fun, friend-filled evening.

  • In the photos, the 47-year-old actress wore lacy shorts, a cardigan and tights that showed off her totally strong legs.

  • Christina believes that dancing brings a healthy daily dose of joy into your life and likes to mix up her workouts.

Christina Hendricks has always been able to make a statement, whether she’s busy playing the secretary on a hit TV show or hanging out in the comfort of her own home.

Concrete example: in a recent post on Instagram, the Mad Men star rocked a flowy white shirt with epic sleeves, a black sweater vest and booty shorts while hanging out with friends. The look was accessorized with lacy tights and Christina’s beautiful smile, and it was total perfection.

“We’re cute together,” the redhead actress captioned the snaps of herself and singer Chloe Chaidez.

People obviously loved these photos of Christina, and they let it know in the comments. “Leave it to Christina for iconic tights 🔥🔥,” one fan wrote. Another commented, “Queen!!!!!!! Love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️.” And a final commenter wrote what everyone is thinking: “All this look ❤️🔥.”

Christina, 47, has a super strong fashion game, but it was also hard not to see how totally toned her legs are. It wasn’t her first leg moment recently, though. In fact, she showed them off in this other very Taylor Swift-esque “Mirrorball” dress (Eras Tour inspo?):

If you’re wondering how the actress gets so toned, I’ve got you covered. First of all, Christina likes to keep her workout routine varied, she said Everyday healthby, and she often tries new things. If she’s tired from walking or feels like she’s in a “workout rut,” she’ll try Pilates or yoga.

Christina also shares snippets of her activities on IG, like her daily walks with her adorable dogs.

And she also rides a horse:

Curious to know what else this star has on her health and wellness list? Well, Christina recommends dancing every day to infuse joy into your daily movements and get rid of stress, according to the website. Sounds like a fun way to get your heart rate up and incorporate some cardio, if you ask me.

“I’m constantly trying to learn how to be healthier and take advice from people,” Christina said. “You have to remember all the time.”

When it comes to her diet, Christina recommends everyone learn to cook their favorite meals at home. It’s a great way to save money And make sure no unnecessary additives end up in your meals, the actress shared in her Everyday health interview. Christina said she loves to make Indian food and spaghetti in tomato sauce is her favorite comfort food.

She also shared this photo of herself making a delicious chili:

Christina also likes to toast with champagne, which sounds pretty good to me.

Well done, Christina! You look so strong.

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