Chris Pine comments on Spitgate, the drama Don’t Worry Darling

Chris Pine comments on Spitgate, the drama Don't Worry Darling

LR: Olivia Wilde, Chris Pine, Harry Styles and Gemma Chan at the Venice Film Festival, site of the infamous Spitgate
Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto (Getty Images)

A new year is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. There are no doubt many of you who were hoping that we could stop talking in regards to don’t worry darling in 2023. Admittedly, Florence Pugh shares the same wish, refusing to even discuss this movie with vanity lounge. Unfortunately for her, and the DWD Many critics of the circus press, Chris Pine did not exercise the same degree of discretion.

“Harry (Styles) didn’t spit on me,” Pine said in a new interview with Squireinadvertently reviving the dangerously oversaturated (no pun intended) discourse around the so-called “Spitgate“controversy at the Venice Film Festival. “Harry is a very nice guy. I was on the plane and we come back from Venice having a great time on the plane and my press officer wakes me up and says, ‘We have to write a statement about what happened in Venice. She showed me the thing and it did look like Harry spat on me. He didn’t spit on me. »

Chris Pine Responds to Harry Styles Rumor *What Really Happened* | Explain this | Squire

Not content with just clearing Styles’ name regarding excess saliva crimes, Pine Also provided an explanation for the much-mocked pop star”movie that looks like a moviecomment. The actor shared, “I think Harry leaned over and said, ‘It’s just words, aren’t it? We had this little joke. We were all jet lagged and were trying to answer questions and sometimes when you do these things for the press, your brain gets confused and you start talking gibberish, so we had a joke, ‘It’s just words.'” This clarification demonstrates an incredible generosity of spirit from Pine, whose most viral moment of the event appeared as if his the soul had left its body while her co-star spoke.

“All the memes I saw on my face in Venice made me fucking laugh,” says Pine, who claims he “admired the ceiling of the Palazzo del Casino, jet-lagged,” per Squire. “Sometimes the question isn’t that interesting, and you walk away, and you look at a ceiling because it’s really pretty.”

As for the rumors of quarrels on set between Pugh and director Olivia Wilde, “If there was any drama, there was a tragedy. I had absolutely no idea, and I really wouldn’t have cared,” Pine said. “If I feel bad it’s because the vitriol the movie got was absolutely out of proportion to what was on screen. Venice was normal stuff swept up in a narrative that people wanted to make, compounded by the metastases that can occur in the Twitter sphere. It was ridiculous.” Could this finally be the last word on don’t worry darling? (Let’s be real: probably not.)

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