Chaka Khan Slams Rolling Stone’s “Greatest Singers” Picks

Chaka Khan criticizes the Rolling Stone list

Chaka Khan and Mary J. Blige
Photo: Countess Jemal (Getty Images)

When Chaka Khan sang “I’m Every Woman,” she apparently didn’t mean these women, whose talent, at least in the context of rolling stoneon the “200 Greatest Singers of All Time” list – she is not highly regarded. “I refuse to be in a space where I watch my fellow artists and they pit us against each other,” said the legendary singer (ranked No. 29 on this list). Despite everything, she walked through the doors of this space and got comfortable there quite quickly in a new conversation with Los Angeles Magazine’s podcast The originals.

While she had positive things to say about No. 1 pick Aretha Franklin (“Fuck like she should be. Thank you. There’s justice somewhere”) and No. 8 pick Beyoncé (“I have nothing to say about Beyonce. She’s a great singer, okay? “), the rest of his rivals have not been so good. There’s Joan Baez at #189: “Let’s be honest, the bitch can’t sing. Now she was a good writer. And Adele at No. 22: “OK, I’m quitting.” Mariah Carey, at No. 5, was completely dismissed: “It must be payola or some shit like that.” But the worst was spared for her longtime rival, Mary J. Blige, who came in at #25 on the list and the people who wrote her.

“These bitches are blind as a fucking bat!” They need hearing aids,” Chaka said, in a scathing and somewhat offensive rant. “They don’t have hearing aids?” They don’t have eyes. They have no ears. They must have a… those babies, you know what? They must be Helen Keller’s children!’ »

Khan has long had beef with Blige on the latter’s cover of “sweet thing“, although the couple supposedly mend fences in 2007 when they released the duo”Disrespectful.” However, Khan clearly hasn’t given up on the “Sweet Thing” thing. “I told Mary J. Blige she screwed up,” she said on The originals. “Number one, his voice was flat, and I asked him, I said, ‘What time did you – what time was it day or night, what were you doing when you decided to resume ‘Sweet Thing’ and where were you when you covered it?’”

When Blige said she got up late and recorded it early in the morning, “I said, ‘Girl, you don’t sing nothing at fucking eight in the morning,'” Khan recalled. Especially if you have to get up to sing it. If you’d been up all night, smoking crack or something, I don’t know, it could have been a whole other thing. But you don’t get up at eight. morning hours to sing, my daughter.

Apparently that is not the mark of a feud, because “her and I have this kind of relationship that we can talk about,” Khan claims. “I love her. She loves me. We don’t have a problem. Now the press would like to make a fucking problem out of it. She might be right, but isn’t it a problem to proclaim that ranking of music journalists Mary J. Blige to #25 need hearing aids? In any case, Khan says she doesn’t really care about anyone’s little list: “These people don’t quantify me or validate me in any way.”

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