Boosie Badazz Cancels LP With ‘Rat’ TI For Exposing Dead Cousin

Boosie Badazz is adamantly opposed to snitches in any form – meaning he’s now dropping his joint album with TI after admitting he ‘snitched’ on his late cousin.

The outspoken rapper sat down for another interview with VLAD-TV published on Monday, February 20. Once Vlad brought up TI’s story about his deceased cousin, Boosie made it clear where he stood in the situation – though he didn’t understand why Tip even felt the need to share.

“With TI’s situation, if he did that, you’re a fucking rat too,” Boosie said. “I spare no fucking body. Because if you’re doing something wrong, you’re doing something criminal, and you’re cooperating with law enforcement to get you off the hook, that means you’re cooperating. It means you’re a rat.

He continued, “But I’ll tell you like this. When I saw that, I was like, “Fuck, I’m lying.” I think he went up there and started chatting. You think there’s something going on at 17, 18… you gonna hold this for all the fucking time? All this fucking time for 20 years, you gonna hold it? And it finally came out?

Although he said he thought T.I. was “just talking”, Boosie Badazz added that he was canceling their album anyway.

“No (this album is not coming out) because it ruined everything,” he said. “I woke up to my fucking phone, everything was full. My real fans like, ‘Boosie you the last one left.’ They like, ‘You can’t release this album.’ My uncle, OG n-gga calls me… ‘N-gga this album is not coming out.’

The TI issue surfaced in December when a clip resurfaced from an August 2020 episode of his quickly the podcast has gone viral on social media. In it, the Atlanta rapper recalls pinning a gun case on his late relative, Toot, in the early 2000s before his music career took off.

As T.I. explained, he and Toot were leading a commotion in their native Atlanta involving stolen high-end clothing when they were arrested by cops, who discovered a gun in Tip’s possession.

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“We caught those gun holsters, Toot is dead. My lawyer said, ‘Well, you know, I could make it all go away if it was in Toot, it was in Tremel,’ he said. “After his death, I had a conversation with him. Toot said, ‘I’ll take all the charges you have! If you can go free and put it on me, damn it! ‘Cause I’ll be damned if they come and fucking extradite me from here!”

When gun rights activist Nicki Daniels Jr., who appeared as a guest on the podcast, asked if that was where the allegations that TI was a “snitch” came from, he replied. : “Hell no. Nobody knows, I just provided this information voluntarily. It’s the only time I said or gave information, because he’s my big cousin. He was dead and he told me everything was fine.

Just a month before the music video resurfaced, Boosie proudly touted his joint album with T.I. being tougher than Drake and chart-topping 21 Savage. His loss project.

“I heard Drake’s album and 21 is tough, but I don’t think it’s harder than our album,” he told Fat Joe on Instagram Live. “Man, it’s Rubberband Man and Badazz. This shit is different. Wait till you hear it bro.

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