Bam Margera “very disappointed” by the declarations of his wife Nikki after asking for legal separation

By Alesia Stanford for Dailymail.Com

5:40 PM Feb 26 2023, update 17:43 Feb 26 2023

Bam Margera has taken to social media to push back after his estranged wife recently filed a formal separation request.

The 43-year-old Jackass star, whose friend Steve-O has publicly raised concerns for Margera’s health and safety, shared a photo of himself, his wife Nikki Boyd, 38 , and their now five-year-old son Phoenix on Instagram from happier times.

“I am very disappointed with what Nikki and her lawyer have said publicly about me as a father. I love my son more than anything,” Margera wrote.

“I actually supported my son. Nobody knows my side of the story, which makes me sad. But I hope one day they will.

Boyd filed for a legal separation from the beleaguered star on Feb. 14 after nine years of marriage.

Answer: Bam Margera, 43, rebuffed statements made by his ex-wife’s lawyer after she filed for legal separation. “I love my son more than anything…No one knows my side of the story that makes me sad,” he wrote.

She listed the split date as September 2021, apparently citing irreconcilable differences.

In a statement to People, her lawyer David Glass wrote: “Nikki Margera felt compelled to seek legal separation from her husband, Bam Margera, due to his ongoing drug and alcohol abuse, erratic behavior and his inability to provide support for him and their son.

“Nikki has done everything to keep Bam sober and to try to save his family.”

Boyd requested legal and physical custody of Phoenix, Margera allowed supervised visitation provided it took place in LA County provided he paid the expenses.

She would also have asked for alimony.

Margera went in and out of rehab multiple times before her estranged wife filed papers, and many of her fans, who have followed her career and antics for years, gave her Instagram post some tough love.

One wrote a lengthy statement which included: ‘Stop pointing fingers at everyone for your own conduct.’ It won’t help you in the long run, Bam. You must take responsibility for becoming the man you can be.

Another followed suit with the following urging him to “choose sobriety and choose to work the steps that will help you maintain it for yourself first, and for your son.” (if being a gift loving father is what you want)’

Tough love: Magera’s fans give him tough love in his position. The comments included encouragement to take responsibility for his actions and get sober for the sake of his son
Hope: Fans seemed hopeful he was getting help after the Jackass 4.5 writer posted this photo with the cryptic message, ‘I want to thank everyone, I lost f**kin 55 books and I remember who I am, I’m home¿¿’

“Dude says no one knows his side,” one longtime fan commented. “Well, when you’re constantly walking out of rehab to go drinking, on video drunk as a dog… you’re saying your side.”

In a cryptic message posted early Sunday morning, it appears the Viva La Bam star took the messages to heart.

He shared a photo of himself at the end of a medieval journey, writing, “I want to thank everyone, I lost f**kin 55 pounds and I remember who I am, I’m home❤️ ”

Some hopeful fans shared their own stories, including, “Bro, I’ve been sober for almost three years.” Alcohol was ruining my life. Getting sober was the best thing that ever happened to me. If I can do it, so can you mate. Good luck.’

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