Alec Baldwin sued by three ‘Rust’ crew members for ‘explosion injuries’ while filming

On Monday, three members of the “Rust” crew sued Alec Baldwin and the film’s producers, alleging they suffered from anxiety and post-traumatic stress symptoms following the shooting death of the movie director. photography.

The three crew members were in the church building at Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, NM, when Baldwin’s gun fired, hitting cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza. Baldwin denied pulling the trigger, although prosecutors charged him with manslaughter for allegedly firing the gun while it was pointed at Hutchins.

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The plaintiffs in the latest lawsuit are Ross Addiego, the trolley operator, Doran Curtin, the set costumer, and Reese Price, the key handle. According to the suit, all three were in close proximity to Baldwin when the gun was fired and suffered “blast injuries” from the deafening sound of the gunshot.

According to the complaint, Hutchins fell to the ground directly in front of Curtin.

“She watched in shock as Hutchins grabbed her abdomen,” the lawsuit states. “Claimant Curtin put her hands on Hutchins stomach, trying to find the source of Hutchins pain and figure out what was going on. As the chaos continued, claimant Curtin was led out of the church. Once outside, she collapsed from the effects of the explosion and the shock of the gunfight.

The lawsuit also alleges that the producers took shortcuts and hired people who had been the subject of previous safety complaints, including David Halls, the first assistant director. The lawsuit also blames the producers for hiring gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez Reed despite her lack of experience, because they allegedly wanted “quick, cheap production.”

The lawsuit charges Baldwin with not paying attention during weapons training, failing to ensure that the weapon was not loaded with live ammunition, and discharging the bullet.

Baldwin’s rep declined to comment.

Halls agreed not to contest one count of discharging a dangerous weapon. Gutierrez Reed, like Baldwin, faces a manslaughter charge, which carries a maximum sentence of 18 months in prison.

The three plaintiffs join several other crew members who have filed lawsuits in New Mexico and California, including the script supervisor, the set doctor and the gaffer. In one of those lawsuits, Baldwin’s attorneys filed a counterclaim alleging that four other people were responsible for the shooting, but that was not the case.

Hutchins’ widower, Matthew, filed a lawsuit a year ago. In October, he agreed to a settlement that will allow the film to be completed. The producers plan to resume filming this spring in Montana, with Baldwin still in the lead role. Hutchins’ parents and sister filed suit earlier this month.

Last week, Rust Movie Productions agreed to pay $100,000 to settle a workplace safety citation from the New Mexico Office of Occupational Health and Safety.

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